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My life with Miracle of Love (part 6)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I have moved all the Miracle of love blog post to a dedicated site.
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Campioni del mondo, my Italy

Monday, July 09, 2007

I am the only Italian with my Dutch friends. All of them are "ultra" Italian fans.

A tribute to the Italian football team.

I am not my country, neither my religion, I am not the place where I live or the things I do. I am not what I have studied or what I believe, not my body or my preferences.
I am more then that.
And I am all of that.

For sure when Italy won last year I celebrated like a very good Italian.
I like international soccer. I am not a fan of any Italian team. But I never miss a game in the World cup and the European cup. I am lucky enough to have seen twice so far in my life Italy winning the World Cup.

So last year exactly on this day I had my glory time ....... again after 24 years.
First when we defeat the Germans. We were the one that could go to Berlin and not they. Then against France with all the Zidane Materazzi drama.
In the style of Italian and French against each other. Who is the most dramatic and irreverent.....

Who cares?

The fact is the for the next 3 years we are still "campioni del mondo" for the 4th time, on top of the Germans only 3 times so far. And mind you I lived 7 years in Munich and I love Germans people.
But as far as handsome football players we got the nicest one, the luckiest, and the best players. What more do we want?

Being an Italian living in Amsterdam I celebrated in Leidsplein, which was our place to party all through the W.Cup.
There were a lot of Italian tourists and those like me who lives here. I was so happy like 24 years earlier when the day after Italy won Mike Jagger came on stage in Torino with the Italian flag singing "we are the Champion".
Yes, because I didn't make it to Berlin for the Final in 2006 but I was at the Rolling stone concert in '82.
One year ago Leidsplein was like being at the Rolling stone concert.

For you Azzurri, the Italians who live abroad are your best fans.


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