This is not exactly the translation of the previous post on my wedding day but more adding few sweet details.

I already wrote how unforgettable this day was and how the feeling of joy, love and tears was permeating each moment, every cell of my being. Hard to find words.
The pictures maybe can better describe it.

The car that drove us to the restaurant was from Giuliano, brother of Lorena and my childhood sweetheart. A very special Fiat 130 that has been used to take around Miss Italia.
Well, well you may say....yes indeed on that day I felt more then Miss Italia, Miss Universe.

Matrimonio Milena e Driek - 0240.jpg

Walking along the beautiful lake Lago Smeraldo taking in the beauty outside and acknowledging the inner beauty of my beloved husband and in myself.

This lake is named after the deep green shade of an emerald. Guess why? The ever green pine trees reflecting in his clear water makes it shining like an emerald, ever so precious.
On the same water as a child I skated in winter and swam in summer.
The pearl of my village.
I am so grateful I could celebrate my wedding day and my first night as a married woman on such an evocative place that I always loved so much and holds unforgettable memories.

I didn't throw in the air my "bouquet" as it is used in my country. All of the guests are married already. But this was not the main reason.
I had a childhood girlfriend who was very concerned about me finding the right man that could take me with all my intense energy without shrinking back and fleeing.
I can still remember one of our last talks about man. I collected many emails in a nice booklet, in those we shared deep emotions and thoughts about God, love, death, the meaning of life and her fear to leave her child behind without his mother.
In honour of her beautiful presence on earth for "only" 40 years I offered the white and pink wedding flowers to my friend, sweet Ada. The day after my wedding me and Driek visited the village cemetery and laid down the bouquet in the place where she rests in peace.

Matrimonio Milena e Driek - 0342.jpg

Me and Driek love Johnny Cash and I had a wish to be able to sing "Jackson" as it is sung by Johny Cash and June Carter. Although this is not a song from J.C. yet it holds a great meaning in his life.
He interrupted one of his concert when he was singing this song and asked his sweetheart June to marry him. She said yes and they continue together to sing "Jackson." This is not exactly a song of a perfect marriage. On the contrary is a song of quarrels between husband and wife.
That is why it made it even more special to sing it to our guests. And while Driek has a voice like an angel I sing along modestly. Yet together we were a powerful mixture of love and passion. The photo depicts us at the end of the version of "Jackson", by Driek and Milena.

By Johnny Cash and June Carter on You Tube. For those who don't know the song.
It says it all. Click below.
We got married in a fever...

There is no way
happiness is
the way

G. Buddha

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