My beloved Friend

What is sought totally is always attained.
Thoughts, when concentrated, become things.
As the river finds the ocean,
Thirsty souls find the temple of God.
But the thirst must be intense and the work tireless
And the waiting without end
And the calling with the whole heart,
And all these—thirst, work, waiting, calling—
Are contained in one small word
And that word is prayer.
But praying cannot be performed,
It is not an act,
You can only be in it.
It is a feeling,
It is the soul,
It is a surrender of oneself,
Without words or demands.

The Mystic Rose '88, Poona Ashram-India-

Dear T.
Thank you for being in my life. May you always be blessed with the gifts of Love.

Also I would like to thank my dearest friend Ma Prem Valeria who rescued the above picture from an old Osho Times newspaper and was so kind to give it to me when in April 09 I visited her.

"May your wings fly in the space of freedom that always reside in us.
And may you always know the sweet friendship that runs between our souls."

In gratitude for your presence in my heart.

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