In this last visit in Italy I spent few days on my own again in Paolo's hut. What can I say?
The miracle of my life repeats itself and gratitude fills my heart.

When I woke up and stood outside the little alpine hut that is what I saw and that is what I felt.

Just this Love

The sun keeps on kissing me
whispering words of secret tales
together with the wind, irresistible friend
they sing melody of enchanting places

they draw picture of ancient lovers

united after a very long time

There is nothing more that I desire
then hearing my heartbeat

pulsating in waves of sheer joy, of sweet Love

raising in silence,
dissolving in an ocean of tears

Yes, that is what Love does

it takes you by the hand as a Friend
and invites you to drink at His cup

you accept the divine wine
then you know
He won't leave you anymore.

Just like the sun
is always raising
Love is always present
behind your eyelids, beyond your smile,
behind your wrinkles and your sorrow,
beyond the tears and your fragility,
what sustain you and moves you
is just

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