It is the time of the year every 4 year. I just love to sit and watch international good football games.
So between reading all that I can about St Francis' life in preparation for 200Km walk in Umbria and watching the W.Cup I don't have time or desire to write at the moment.

But just yesterday on a brisk walk to train my body and breath for the future endeavor few words in form of prayer  just resonated in me. Nothing special just were I am standing right now:

"Lay me down on mountain top
send me angels to my soul
let them whisper words of holy virtue
to help me stand strong in humble wisdom. "

I love St. Francis and I love football.

What else to say...... may the best win.
Not sure if Oranje or Azzurri or the usual Germans, my heart would love the Africans to win.
Anyway the goal is in the way. So let's enjoy the way till we get to the goal....

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