Now that's true love.

We planned to be with friends in Leidseplein for the big event, but being very tired after a full long weekend with Lorena, decided to enjoyed it from home.

The well deserved kiss for the Oranje that since 30 years didn't defeat the Azzurri.
It was a great play and although in my heart I felt sorry for my Italia I was truly happy for my second homeland. The roaring that lifted in the air of Amsterdam was probably without precedent.
They played good so the Azzurri did, in their Italian way, but this time, I am afraid, not as much as the Oranje.
My father always says the best should win, at the end counts the goal nothing else.

Finally I could see my brave Marco Van Basten jumping up and down in joy and a brief smile on his cute face. I have been waiting since two years for that.
How long do I have to wait for a smile from sweet Roberto Donadoni? I can't help it, Marco and Roberto are to me a pleasure to watch. Even when they loose!

In between and at the end I could only kiss Driek enjoying almost without believing his eyes.

The kiss of true love.