On the Bocca del Brenta, 2700m. on the Brenta dolomiti group.

Okay, enough football! The 2010 world cup is over. Thanks God. My beloved Oranje lost and Spain won! Good for them. It is just a game. Cool is that the Germans didn't win:-)

In Amsterdam there will be anyway a million people party on Tuesday 14 July with the Oranje team at Museumplein. That is the good spirit of my Dutch fellow brothers. They know how to celebrate.

But I won't be there as I am already in Italy, and finally leaving today for my 200km St. Francesco pilgrimage.

Walking walking walking and praying in gratitude for the blessing of being alive of living of loving and of esperiencing pain. All of it makes it all worth to say to God. Thank you for the gift of life.

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