Dedicated to every woman.

These wonderful poems were written by women of the past, and yet they are still a source of profound reflection, courage, beauty in the time we live now. They are timeless.
May they inspire you to love yourself as you are and be grateful in who you are.
May you let the message through these saintly women' s words reach deep into your heart, and sooth gently the pains and the joy of being a woman in this modern age.

Marylin Monroe's famous quote: " I don't mind living in a man's world as long as I can be a woman in it."
So let us be, dear women.

For the women who wants to exist, live, be.

Always keep in mind that the skin wrinkles, the hairs turn white, days are transforming in years.
But what is truly important does not change; your strength and your conviction have no age.
Your spirit is the glue of any spider web.
Beyond every arrival line there is a new departure
Beyond every success there is another disappointment.
While you are alive feel alive.
If you miss what you used to do start doing it again.
Don't live out of yellowed pictures
keep going even though everybody expects you to give up.
Don't let the iron in you become rusty
See that, instead of pity they give you respect
When because of your years you can't run, walk fast.
When you can't walk fast, walk.
When you can't walk use the stick
but never restrain yourself!

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Your hair, your face

What is it
you want to change?
Your hair, your face, your body?

For God
is in love with all those things
and He might weep
when they are gone.

St. Catherina of Siena

I would cease to be


dissolved my mind-my separation.
I cannot describe now my intimacy with Him.
How dependent is your body's life on water and food and air?
I said to God: "I will always be unless you cease to Be,"
and my Beloved replied,
" And I would cease to Be if you died."

I found completeness when each breath
began to silently say the name of my Lord.

St. Teresa of Avila

My own poem of last year

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