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Natales grate numeras?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Natales grate numeras?
Do you count your birthdays with gratitude?

I do.

And certainly yesterday was a day like this, silently invoking the grace of God and gratefully thanking Him for the gift of being in this body.
I had no desire for party, for seeing friends and receive present to which you have to smile although you don't really need any of them. I just wanted to review my life in the light of my "achievement" specially the depth of my inner world. So I open my little booklet which is full of little gems, "Imitatio Christi"  allegedly from Thomas Kempis (XV century) and read:

"My Lord, give me vigor with the grace of the Holy Spirit; let my inner strength increase; let my heart be free from any vain and anguished torment; without being seduced from many wishes of material things, whether cheap or precious; let me look at all things as momentary and me with them equally fleeting, because nothing stays the same under the sun, here where everything is vanity and affliction of the Spirit."
"Give me the prudence to know how to move away from who is flattering me; give me the patience to endure who is against me." T. Kempis

Because here lays great wisdom, in staying centered and in true peace despite the futile words you may hear and the seducing call of the siren ready to lure in a world of lies.

So "true peace" is my present to all of you  family, friends and not. Peace not because nothing is bothering you and everything works out with no obstacle as you wished. But peace, real peace despite the discomfort, pain and difficulty, where you can always drop in and rest inside, even when everything is against you.
St. Francis called it "The perfect Joy". Buddha called it "Mindfulness": the ability to watch your mind heart and body undisturbed by anything.
That is what I call "true peace" and that is my wish for you on my birthday.
Zakinthos ancient olive's grove. Sept 2010

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Third Anniversary

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Walking together

Always walking together,
always my true companion,
always hand in hand,

to the top of the mountain 
down in the valley

A faithful friend
by my side.
The heart rejoicing 
at the memory of that sunny day 
three years ago.

Tears pouring from my eyes
gratitude has the taste of sweet longing
hidden in those tears.

(Milena 15 Sept 2010)

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