Let me continue on Italy-Holland 0-3 EURO 2008. I won't express football technical judgments, just my perceptions on the effects that this game had on many people on both sides.
I read the Italian online news yesterday and the Dutch newspapers in Amsterdam and I am wondering why people has to be always so black and white.

The Italian want to change the ct-commissario tecnico-(as Italians and only the Italians call the coach) and make an appeal to Lippi. I like to remind all of you who think that way that Lippi was criticized as much, if not more, during the beginning of the world cup 2006.
What's wrong with Roberto Donadoni?
Don't touch him.
He is in charge! He decides who goes in the field and who not. It is very childish and not sportive to blame him for the results. Also there is no need to apologize to the Italians, dear Buffon because you miss catching 3 goals. Shit always happens. Still you are a great keeper.

It is only the beginning of EURO 08 and in my modest opinion there have been some flaws here and there during the game, but the Azzurri are still and will always be the Azzurri.
Some English newspaper called the Italian arrogant and the Dutch humble. Maybe the English are jealous because they couldn't make it to the EURO 2008, but to me in the end is the Italian football style that won that game. After all Marco van Basten knows the in and out of the Italian football and the way the Oranje played their game it was almost straight from an Italian football manual.

Now about the Oranjes. I like to remind the duchies how many times in these last two years you wanted to dismiss Marco Van Basten because he was not bringing in results. You have been judging, putting him down and had a little trust in his capabilities.
Now please shut up!
I can quote many dutch friends with a grudge against Marco v B.
I always defended Van Basten and saw through his aplomb. He showed a great understanding and respect for the Italian team. And I am pleased about the victory of his team. And I have no problem to celebrate the unexpected triumph together with Holland.
Too bad Italy lost.
It was, in every possible way, a great match to watch. Full of emotions, unexpected twist, painful blows, very little injustice and sudden joy. What do you want more from a game? That to me is what makes football worth watching.

This morning my neighbor passed by my window and with a perverse laughter and a sick sense of humor called names the Azzurri and teased me horribly to have displayed the Italian flag. Sorry but from a dutch supporter, I think is too old to be a real supporter, this attitude is sickening.
Come on Oranje you won, it is true! You deserved, it is true! But now don't fly to high, your wings are still very small and you may fall before you could touch the sky. After all we touched the one of Berlin and we Italian are still the World Champion till 2010. So please Oranje enjoy the moment but don't get cynical against the Azzurri.
Who knows we may meet at the end in the final. After all everything can happen in football. Who would have guessed Italy was going to win the world cup 2006?
Only Fiorello!