Il Laugen Spitze.
Driek knows how much I love this mountain. Also that tree has a special meaning to me. On my short visit to my parents in the years I lived in India, I used to go and sit under this very tree. Maybe is not the Buddha tree but it has a very sweet Buddha-like quality when I close my eyes under its branches.
Five minutes from my house a relaxing walk along the meadows of Fondo and when you turn to the right here it stands. The neighbors Sud Tirolers call it Laugen, and all the trek is signposted as Laugen Spitze. To me it is and will always be il Luco (2433) as we, inhabitants of Val di Non, call it.

My wonderful Luco

Sunrise on mount Luco, when I was 17

So many dreams to lighten up
endless prayers to the god above
infinite space behind my eyes
solitude with compassion
only then it means to me

to climb the stairs of life
to dive like a waterfall
to serenely watch
an eagle fly
to think with no mind

I wonder if paradise
it is to breathe in the pain
and breathe out joy
like when I walk up the Luco
the pain transforms
and there is only sweet tender joy
of being part of this universe

with a body that contains
what has no form
a consciousness
that will survive this vessel
eternally peaceful
dissolved ashes
on top of mount Luco.

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