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I begged Paolo, one of my childhood friend to not let me down in summer and lend me for few days his little hut on a wonderful spot along the gentle ascend to Macaion.
But he is a real good and very generous friend and kept his promise to my delight.

Yes because to me there is nothing more rewarding, enriching and enlightening then to spend days and nights on my own, in a place where no electricity, no book to read, not even cellular reception can distract you. Only pen and paper and of course in the depth of a thick forest.
I was alone with myself for 4 solid days to enjoy solitude, to walk silently, to ponder, and contemplate on the mysteries of life and death.

Yes sometimes dreams can become reality. I had the blessing to benefit Paolo sweet little mountain hut couple of times, more then what I expected. If it would have been for me I could have stayed there weeks long, but life was going on also down in the valley awaiting for my return.
However those moments are deeply embedded in my memory and my soul. And it would be too long to explain it all.


Moments like these belong to poetry
to the language of the heart

to the wisdom of natural living

to a peaceful mind

to the sound of a river flowing
to the song of birds chirping,
to the gentleness of a butterfly resting softly on petals,
to the amazing beauty
and perfection of the smallest flower

to the watcher who experiences being in the moment

to His divine presence

in all and everything

Flowers on Sternai lakes

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