I dedicate this to all of my real friends. You know who you are!

I just came back from ten beautiful days in my gorgeous mountains in Italy, though this time I spent most of my hours, arranging my wedding. Ooopsss, I didn't know I could be such a wonderful wedding planner. But boys.........only for me and only once in my life!!!!

My darling one left for couple of days and I closed myself in our apartment painting my house, once again, with the color of the sun.
Music always accompanying me and having to digest some news I heard on my trip back to Amsterdam, I chose one of my favourite singer and composer of my spiritual part of life Peter Makena. He has a voice that touches your heart, to say the least. And he is a kind of poet I like to sing with and listen.
Particularly yesterday and today I put on repeat the song You are a flower, which I sang so many times in Poona. I shared very precious moment with the singer and poet italian Dipamo aka Manu. He used to play on his guitar this song again and again, for me. We were in love and together we were singing our love, joy and devotion to Love, maybe personified in Osho, but ultimately it was just love. The same love that you hear whispering through a hollow bamboo.
Osho was a man of freedom and you could truly be yourself in his presence and around.
He was indeed a Flower of a friend.

This song always brought tears to my eyes and it did yesterday too. The incredible experience of living in the Ashram and singing together made me once more aware of how blessed I was, to have lived a part of my life with Osho.
I used to sing in Buddha hall just for the joy of singing, feeling my heart, my connection with the divine spirit, the Buddha within, with Jesus, with the ancient Masters who walked on this earth, my dear St. Francis, with God's presence pulsating in each note.

Gratitude is a feeling to me of overwhelming joy that often manifest itself with tears.
Gratitude to have painted a little brighter a corner of my life so much battered at a very young age.
Gratitude to have had a life, despite a dreadful car accident, where I learned how to celebrate each moments in its fullness.
Gratitude to have met so many wonderful people and had a lot of fun with them.

(The same I cannot say for the years spent in Munich and San Diego with the people of the Miracle of love group/cult. But today I don't want to talk about that.)

Today I want to thank Peter Makena and his incredible and evocative music, to had me dive into a part of my past that has truly shaped my inner being and gave great joy to the adventure of being alive. It is like walking up the mountain and feel closer to God the Almighty the Supreme, the Love of all, the Purity of Silence.
Once you experience that you will never forget!
Music has the power to take you inside where only you know the secret entrance to the exquisite garden of your heart.

My future husband Driek, the angel of my life is organizing a concert on the 20th of July.
I am looking forward to sing with you Peter and Aneeta in Amsterdam .

May peace be with you, always.

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