After almost three months in Italy taking care of my parents and assisting to six funerals few days ago I was finally able to have a day in my favorite mountain: the Luco ( Laugenspitze).

A post about death and dying will follow. I am kind of out of writing muscle in this last year, but I am determined to pick that up again.
In the meantime as I am approaching to return to Amsterdam to my beloved husband enjoy the picture and the poem.

What did you whisper in my ears in the silence of a mountain top?
Is it death and dying so hard to take when the sorrow and the pain are unbearable to tolerate?
How come I see so much of this pain all around me and yet my heart feels light and in peace as the tears are naturally flowing?

Behind all that anguish and despair in front of the inevitable I stand still and breath
in a bath of hope, under a shower of faith
because You my dear Lord are showing me every day that this is the way to go.
And I follow it with grace and gratitude.
A tear and a smile. 
(Milena July 2012)

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