The 4th of October, St Francis feast.

I was so happy to find in Rhodos a church dedicated to him. When I entered last Sunday my heart jumped in joy. His presence was felt deeply.
I sat there and looked at the beautiful wall depicting his union with Jesus in glory and pain.

The famous mystery of St Francis stigmata. Much was written about it especially in 2000 century in a very critical way. I like to think that St. Francis had a real identification with Jesus to the point when his body created the same holy wounds that Christ had. We know the mind  have a  strong power over the body. So anything is possible. People can heal because of their beliefs why not having stigmata?
To me is not relevant to my faith in the blessed poor brother of Assisi. His action and his words spoke louder then any critics. What really matters is that St Francis talks to me more then any other Saints and when he touches my heart I am in exquisite joy. His "divina Letizia".

And he always talks to my heart.

 Beloved St Francis I am under your protection,