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Sheikh Hassan & Friends in concert in the library of Amsterdam


Whirl whirl my dervish
into the ecstasy of love
a sacred dance with the beloved
and the lover just disappear

turn turn my dervish
turn around the center
like the sun
a ball of light
a flame of love

the invisible becomes visible
to the eyes which are pure

dance dance my dervish
sacred is the dance
sacred is the center
sacred is the union
in the arms of love


blessed are those who can see
what is not of the eyes


In the experience of listening their music I lost my self for an evening.
In the meeting of silent listeners I remember myself again.

The sufi path of love once again has brought tears to my eyes and inspired my soul to rest in His arms. The most exquisite Jalaluddin Rumi's poem were sang and played by Sheikh & Friends.
Thank you.

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