Dedicated to Driek, the only one who truly knows me.

It doesn't really matter how hard it is the way to paradise.
I will walked it  thousands time,
again and again.

The joy that comes after every hardships is a divine reward.

 This time I took Driek and Loredana with me.

This is his first time on the top of the Luco- Laugenspitze. Despite the vertigo he was also touching heaven. The Luco is intoxicating, you have to be on top of it to fully grasp the power it has once you stand at the cross. 360 degree of mountains and if you are lucky you can spot eagles hovering above. Rare in these days. More easy to see a buzzard.
Blowing a kiss to my adorable man, Driek

Take me here my love when my body is into ashes
back to earth where the eagles fly
on the most loved mountain, 
a sanctuary  from a very young age.
Let me dance with the wind and I may rest softly 
like an autumn leave
on the holy rocks of mount Luco
and be finally
in eternal Peace.
flowers on top of the Luco

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