For lovers of conspiracy theories this is a great book to read.
For lovers of truth that is also a great book to read.
For someone who wants to know what went on behind the curtain Brecher is providing a great work in unveiling many of the dark secret in the US government and also the Vatican church, although he was refused an interview with, at that time in '89, Cardinal Ratzinger unless Brecher would submit all of his questions in writings, months in advance.
Max Brecher is interviewing sixty persons for his facts-finding research. Including most of the official involved in the case and some others who were supposed to execute the "dirty job" of either killing Osho or even worst to bring down the city in the desert. Towards the end of '85 a bloody invasion of the ranch was practically inevitable, says the writer.

Having joined the sannyas movement at the end of'85 I only heard stories from friends who were at the ranch, from Osho himself speaking in Poona 2 about the Ronald Reagan's America and what I read in the international newspaper. So I made up my own mind and opinion which finds some common ground with the content of this book.

The author did a great job investigating so many people directly involved with Osho's arrest and the endless prosecution that the sannyasin had to undergo in their time in Oregon. Although the author maintains a tone of neutrality it is obvious that more then once is on the side of Osho, protecting, defending, even assuming things to save his honor, to rescue his name, to paint his image with the color of innocence.
But as far as I know he was never a disciple, more of an amateur of Osho teachings. In that I lack the salt and the personal experience of someone who lived through the Rajneeshpuram time. He is disregarding both Hugh Milne and Kate Strelley book as if only what he writes is the only truth.
The approach to his book is definitely journalistic, not to take away anything to this work category, he shows very little understanding of the most delicate dynamic of a life with a Master.
But, after all, he states that clearly: "....there can be no doubt, reasonable or otherwise, that there was a conspiracy of the United States government and nearly every breathing official on every level in the States of Oregon against Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the city-commune of Rajneeshpuram". And he succeeded in demonstrating the facts.
The book ends with detailed reconstruction of Osho's last appearance life in Buddha-hall on January 17 and the burning of his body on January 19.
"Life in the ashram went on with a tangible sense that Rajneesh hadn't gone anywhere, that death was exactly what he said it was: The greatest fiction."

I was there all through the night holding my belly after a surgery I had just the day before, feeling empty in my body, heart and spirit. Yes, indeed, life went on even without Osho, maybe for me for too long.....,till I left Poona in '96.

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