Just last Friday night I passed by Tuschinsky with my future husband Driek and there was a display of dutch celebrity for the Premier of "Music and Lyrics" with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore as guests of honor.
We decided to wait for a while and enjoy the "not so glamorous dutch scene". The crowd was nice and we had a good time while we were waiting for the two stars to appear and walk along the red carpet.

Suddenly the moments comes, the police and security closed down the road, we were comfortably standing when out of the blue two young dutch/Surinam girls started heavily pushing against me and holding their cheap cellular camera in front of me, practically sticking their elbow in my nose.

I felt annoyed and turn around to tell the one next to me not to push. She started screaming in return to go away if I didn't want to be pushed offending me, speaking surprisingly in my mother tongue, in a real poor Italian. I stood there and told them to stop being so nasty when in a split of a second I found myself with one hand around my throat and long nails piercing in my skin, another hand was flying across my face so heavily for couple of times that I was almost knocked unconscious, if it were not for Driek holding me and preventing the girl to keep slapping me. He got one hand, inclusive with nail, straight into the corner of his eye. Eventually he managed to grasp her wrist and stopped her. She turn around and flew away with her friend.
I was in shock and in tears, my head was hurting, pounding and my throat was burning and coughing for air.

No one noticed anything!
Police, security and the crowd focused on Hugh Grant and Barrymore walking just a meter away from us.

"Do you know Hugh that I got punched as I was calmly looking forward to see you? And I am not even your fan......but I always like your British humor. This time though it sticked to my throat and it didn't make me laugh".

It made me vomit, I felt so absolutely ignored, and the hurt went deeper then the scars I was left on my face for days after.

Is God testing me in my compassion?
I don't know. I can only say I was lucky I didn't fall and people stepped over me, but then perhaps I would have had few line the day after, in the Parool newspaper!!

Sometimes Amsterdam is an absolute bummer and sometimes I hate to be living here.