Today is the 30th anniversary of the mass suicide of the Jim Jonestown cult in Guyana:
the People's Temples.
I was only 16 years old, at school in Merano (S├╝dtirol) when we heard the news, and I remember saying to myself that I could never follow a crazy guru. I will be never involved in such groups.
Little did I know that years later after a positive and uplifting experience as a sannysin I would end up in, what is referred by the professional in this area, a destructive cult.
A group with a marzipan coated name: Miracle of love.
And when I think that today in the anniversary of the victims of People's Temple a Mol intensive seminar is going on in Germany where the actual participants are indoctrinated in the Mol philosophy, my heart hurts.

And then I remember to breath. At least Mol is not a suicidal group. They are too attached to life and wealth and too afraid of death to be wanting to end their life.

May those who survived the massacre, and the family member and friends who lost someone in the mass murder, find peace in their heart.
May those who lost their life in such a terrifying situation rest in peace with the angels above.

I believe we can end the suffering by choosing to practice mindfulness and compassion,
When the time is right and when the heart is ready, forgiveness can grow out of it.
Remembering and not forgetting is essential.

A few days ago a Dutch TV channel showed Anne Frank story. So the young generation won't forget.
In April this year I was guiding around Amsterdam a school class of Italian boys, between 17 and 18 y.o. I took them to Anne Frank house. Amongst the 35 students only 2 knew who she was.

"May the sound of your voice resonate always in my heart
so that I can recognize peace when it enters the natural mind
with its gift of wisdom" (Milena)

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