It was a very sweet day in de "Oude Kerk" in Amsterdam on Valentine's day.
There was music and singing, roses to offer to people, some of them with poem attached to them. A place to read out loud the many beautiful love poems written for this occasion.
A day where we could also dance and sing with magic in the air for the premature departure of our beloved friend Virendra.
There was an area in the church dedicated to sit and write poem about love.
This below is what came out in the moment, on a day where the love of God and His presence was felt deeply and undoubtedly in my heart.

Secrets whispered

It's in the air
that His Fragrance
enters your nostrils.

It is in the color of the sky
that your eyes
unite with the Beloved

He whispers with gentleness
the secrets of the Call

All you have to do
let the Love in.

Milena 14 Feb 09

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