After days of snow this is how the mount Macaion looks from the top, where the webcam is located. The same place where I spent so much sweet time in solitude this summer. The mountain above my village.
All around the magnitude ot the east and west Dolomite, the Maddalene mountains with mount Luco. If you click on it you can view it larger.

Yes I believe if you have eyes to see that is one of the many manifestation of God's love for all of us.

The following words are dedicated to me by my dear friend T. Today on his birthday

"The wind doesn't need a reason.
Clouds move effortless, painting the sky.
Divine grace is given freely.
Flower delight comes and goes.

The dance of the beloved reflecting in my eyes.
My love for you is born
from the same source, worlds far away.

Reasonless, living in the heart
eternal, forever, renewed - indeed.

Free flowing, in the sound of solitude."

To it I answer:

In the sound of silence
I rejoice being here and now
to be able to discover the wonders of life
in the precious gift of your friendship.

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