first day with my new red snowshoes

I arrived in Italy on Christmas evening and I was in ecstasy when I opened one of my present.
My mother ever so intuitive of my desire to walk in the mountain gave me my first pair of red snowshoes.
I used to alpine ski before the 8 of January 84.
Little Milena put them on the day after, on Christmas day and for two wonderful weeks hardly took it off.
And no, this tale will not end like the H. C. Anderson The Red shoes. I will not chop my feet because I can't stop dancing. I already interrupted abruptly enough any activities for very long time, even walking was impossible, rather being on a wheel chair and on crutches.
So I enjoyed like a little girl my red snowshoes and explored together with my darling Driek the immaculate snow high up towards the sky.

who could stop me?

It has been long time since I saw so much snow and my eyes were filled with the pure sense of vastness that only a white landscape can inspire. Moreover when the skyline holds the mountains to me so dear.

There is only one word left to say.
Thank you life for being ever so generous and for the grace of being able to walk again.

The Luco stands behind and my eyes are lost in wonder

Gently my feet are loving the snow

as the eyes rise above
and disappear into the blueness of the sky.
Simple prayer in action,
a smile
in gratitude

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