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On the 10 of march 2009, yesterday, for the first time in my life I participated to a Peace march, with my Tibetan friend from Temple. It was held in Den Hague for the 50th anniversary of the uprising of the Tibetan people against the Chinese occupation. An uprising that has cost many Tibetans lives, the escape of the young Dalai Lama in 1959, the destruction of many monasteries, the imprisonment of thousands people, the slaughter of one of most peaceful country in the world. A country, Tibet "the roof of the world", that lived in the deep faith of Gandhian non violence principles and the compassionate Love of a Buddha. A country who wholeheartedly since centuries embraced the Middle way.

"Peace is in every step" is one of teaching of Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Naht Hanh.
It is with this inner mantra that yesterday I joined the march and prayed with each step I made, from the center of Den Haag to the Chinese Embassy.
I prayed for this people whose only fault was to be neighbor of the totalitarian and abusive power of China.
I prayed for the Tibetans who were abused, tortured, condemned, imprisoned and killed by the Chinese force.
I prayed for the survivors and refugees all over the world, who can't go back to Tibet and have to live in exile with the deep longing to return to their home Land.
I prayed for those who are in exile within Tibet, forced to comply to Chinese domination, punished in any possible way if they engage in their ancient and birthright spiritual rituals, when they display or even possess any photos of the Dalai Lama. The list is long and bone-wrenching.

I prayed for all the women and children who lost their husband, son, brother, father in a war of repression that leaves so many innocent to grief. May all the Taras, Bodhisattvas of Tibetan traditions and the Holy Mother hold them in the Love and compassion and bestow Grace upon their broken heart.

I prayed for every human being whose human rights are abused and taken away.
I prayed for all the people in prison whose heart may never loose faith.

I prayed with utter soberness and humility for my friend T. who through his direct experience pierced my heart to bleed and opened my eyes to the suffering of the imprisoned.

Tara painting by Tibetan painterTashi Norbu, my good friend.

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