I said it all

I said it with a rose
I said it with the thunder
I said it with the wind
I said it with the stars.

I said it through words
I said it through my tears
I said it with a smile
I said it in the silence of my prayers

I said it all

I said it,
in everything
I am

God heard me.
And you?

Milena (Aug.2009)

Today the 12 Sept. '09 after my early morning meditation I felt pulled to add few lines to this entry.
The poem is dedicated to all those who touched my heart and then moved away, very faraway from me.

But as one of these friends used to say when he was still conversing with me, are we not all just One? So how is it possible to erase someone out of your system when the doors of your heart broke down to let the same presence entering in your world ?
Fact is that Love hurts, whether is a friend or a lover leaving you or someone dying and really leaving you. Time for grieving may varying according to the depth of the relationship. The soul has its own healing time, where a moment may morph in the infinite and the pain of the now may seem to never stop. But it will, I assure you, transform eventually, as the clouds becomes rain, which becomes flower, which gives food to the bee that produce honey.
And don't we all want our tears taste as sweet as honey?

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