In the eternal moving of time ... I can wait


sometimes it is just ... a breath away


...and sometimes you need strength,
to conquer each step of the way

Painting of Maddelene mountain
[Maddalene mountain, by Milena, oil on canvas]

In the joy of the victory,

the spirit will fly free

At the top of the mountain

This I wish you from the bottom of my heart


This poem was created for the Christmas wishes in 2005. I only changed now the last picture.
I was going through an important moment of my life, when I could clearly see my true self taking off in a flight of victory. Back then I chose those words to describe the way of my path to inner freedom.

Recently a beloved Friend of mine, in a very delicate situation, wrote to me a poem in which for divine intervention and distant memories he used those same words without consciously remembering the wishes I sent to him too so long ago.

How God plays with us,
He likes rocking the love swing
till only
Love remains.

Milena ( August 09)

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