To all my readers
family and friends
with gratitude

My altar

I wish you for this Christmas time:

Buddha to cultivate peace of mind and happiness on the Way
Sufi Dervish to remind you of the sacred dance with the Beloved
Bodhisattva Tara to feel compassion
Ganesh to face any obstacle and remain playful
St Francis to deepen the way of prayers
Angels, always around, to guide you and comfort you along the way.

The divine presence of Holy Mary and sweet Lord Jesus to celebrate the Light into this world

A burning candle to inspire the flame of love residing in your heart
and to dispel any darkness.

May you all have a wonderful 2010

Buddha on canvas. Milena '09

Always remembering breathing in I calm my body and my mind.
Breathing out I smile and care for this body and mind and everything else in between and beyond.

White Amsterdam, Damsquare 20-Dec-09

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