Actually I rarely endorse anything like that on my blog, but this time is different.
My beloved Driek is in fact singing with his choir, The Amsterdam Vocals in the "Korenslag" program.

The curriculum of Driek singing goes back to his childhood when he sang Mozart in a church choir and also when the primary school teacher were sending a note to his parents, saying that he disturbs the classroom with his constant humming and soft singing.
Personally I don't think there were ever any time when he wasn't singing. Sometimes I long for just silence....

Well I cheer for them on Saturday 13 of November 2010 on Ned 2 at 19.55.  Just after the day of his Birthday.  Do not miss it.

You can watch the show on the Korenslag website.

Fascinated as I am  by the life of Saints and what they did while they were alive, normal being on this earth, I found out that Saint Cecilia is the  saint patron of musicians. It is said that she sung to God when they were killing her  ( ca. 230 AD ). Talking af the Glory of singing. It helps transcend this mortal body with his aches and pains, if you know how to ......transcend it, whether you sing or listen to good music.
So my prayer flies to her to look after everyone who will perform on that night. May they all sing from their heart.

This poem is for my darling husband:

Sing Sing my darling, 
like the angel I know you are.
Sing in the dance of this moment,
celebrating the joy of a warm voice
reaching deep into my heart
soothing  the edgy corner of a demanding life
lifting my soul to heights 
were all else disappear.

Only the melody
 carrying me away
in the exquisite place where sounds and spirit meet 
And what remians
is just  His Harmony.

Milena Nov 2010

Milena and Driek singing during our wedding  Sept 2007
"Jackson" from Johnny Cash

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