This is what I will write: some thoughts, some stories, some of myself. The way I see the way of life. It is just me, my views, my opinions, my way of saying, my way of writing. My spirit, my fire, my love and the freedom of being myself.

Beloved Friend

Friday, August 21, 2009

I said it all

I said it with a rose
I said it with the thunder
I said it with the wind
I said it with the stars.

I said it through words
I said it through my tears
I said it with a smile
I said it in the silence of my prayers

I said it all

I said it,
in everything
I am

God heard me.
And you?

Milena (Aug.2009)

Today the 12 Sept. '09 after my early morning meditation I felt pulled to add few lines to this entry.
The poem is dedicated to all those who touched my heart and then moved away, very faraway from me.

But as one of these friends used to say when he was still conversing with me, are we not all just One? So how is it possible to erase someone out of your system when the doors of your heart broke down to let the same presence entering in your world ?
Fact is that Love hurts, whether is a friend or a lover leaving you or someone dying and really leaving you. Time for grieving may varying according to the depth of the relationship. The soul has its own healing time, where a moment may morph in the infinite and the pain of the now may seem to never stop. But it will, I assure you, transform eventually, as the clouds becomes rain, which becomes flower, which gives food to the bee that produce honey.
And don't we all want our tears taste as sweet as honey?

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Celebration for freedom

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dedicated to Thomas Heydel and his regained freedom. May he never forget his time in prison.

"Let it be plenty"

Freedom without love
is like a dry well
it won't fill your thirst.

So let it be plenty.

See your freedom in the pool of your tears,
kiss the Beloved like a gentle butterfly
free to rest
on the sweet scent of the lily.

Free to love and to choose to love everyone.

Let it be plenty

There is no end to the song of the heart,
once you found your voice,
tune the instrument with the divine.
He plays through you.
Just let it.

The soul is always free to fly.

Now let it be plenty,
carry your bucket
full of water
and chop the wood.

Milena (18 august '09)

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Wishes to the world

Saturday, August 15, 2009

In the eternal moving of time ... I can wait


sometimes it is just ... a breath away


...and sometimes you need strength,
to conquer each step of the way

Painting of Maddelene mountain
[Maddalene mountain, by Milena, oil on canvas]

In the joy of the victory,

the spirit will fly free

At the top of the mountain

This I wish you from the bottom of my heart


This poem was created for the Christmas wishes in 2005. I only changed now the last picture.
I was going through an important moment of my life, when I could clearly see my true self taking off in a flight of victory. Back then I chose those words to describe the way of my path to inner freedom.

Recently a beloved Friend of mine, in a very delicate situation, wrote to me a poem in which for divine intervention and distant memories he used those same words without consciously remembering the wishes I sent to him too so long ago.

How God plays with us,
He likes rocking the love swing
till only
Love remains.

Milena ( August 09)

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Rest in here

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I will always let go in the magnitude of the mountain.

When the heart wears down
in an attempt to leap into more love
and the world outside is spinning without me

When the Beloved is taking a break
from meeting the Lover
and the soul is bouncing into a holy fire
burning through pain

The smile on my face reflects
the beauty of the One
in every leaves and in every clouds
whether I am in joy or in turmoil
the freedom to be
rest in the stillness of this moment

Let me than rest Here,
in the spirit of the sacred place
where the mountains touch the sky
and the Light reveals
the secret Call.

I will always let go in the magnitude of the mountain

Milena - August 09

This is one of my favorite place to meditate when I am in my village. On this beautiful opening that you see in pix above, last year I wrote those words dedicated to my valley 'Val di Non". No English translation.

"La Val di Non"

La maestosa bellezza del Gruppo Brenta
fa da scudo e regala forza
alla dolce vallata dai rivi abbondanti

Imponente verso il cielo
dona speranza ai cuori delusi
e insieme con il cordone delle Maddalene
crea i contori sensuali e soavi
della generosa valle

Nel silenzio dei boschi, sopra il paese di Fondo
ammiro indisturbata
quello che Dio ha baciato con la Sua grazia.

E il mio cuore si tuffa nella gioia
di essere nata
tra queste montagne
e cresciuta in questi boschi

Milena - July 08

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