For the 100 and more people killed during last night shootings in Mumbay (Bombay) India my heart cries out and prays for sanity of mind and soul.
Below only few words of mercy and love that I borrow from a great and humble man: the Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hanh

"It is a waste to be a human being on earth if you don’t know how to enjoy walking in the Kingdom of God."
And the kingdom of God can only be found here and now.
And in the here and now there is only peace and love.

May those who were killed find peace in the journey of their soul.
May those who lost a loved one in this dreadful night find reconciliation and compassion.
Kuan Yin ( Goddess of Mercy) by Milena

A revealing flickr series of the dramatic night in Mumbay.

One more link of the Dalai Lama empathetic words to the Indians. Who better then him know the suffering of persecution and crime against basic human right.