Night at the alpine house Dorigoni- National Park of Stelvio-

I will just say this

We bloomed
in Spring

Our bodies
are the leaves of God.

The apparent seasons of life and death
our eyes can suffer;

but our souls, dear, I will just say this fortright:
they are God

we will never perish unless He does

by Teresa of Avila ( 1515-1582 Spain)
translation from Daniel Ladinsky

There is very little I can say today as I celebrated my almost death and certainly rebirth in silence and in deep prayer and gratitude. No words can convey the profound impact in my life of having touched even just briefly the Hands of the One we love.
So I decided to remain still today and float with my body suspended in salty water. I have been starting working in a new place where besides offering bodywork and massage we also have floating cabins. See (Koan Float).
My body has been so smashed and broken in so many bones that the experience of absence of gravity brings such a sense of sweet peace which permeates every cell of my body and favors a descent into my inner world or as you may, a flight into an endless sky of calmness . Thoughts are dissolving and when they reappeared on the front of the mind I can't really follow them. Just as it happened that extraordinary night on the 8 of January 1984.
Everywhere around me was dark, it was in fact late evening on a road without any lights. The sound of people screaming and cars stopping was far, far away from my consciousness.

Suspended between worlds. On one side such a divine peace and quietness, a feeling of being lovingly held, on the other side noise, pain, fear of having lost my body. I don't know how long it lasted. I only know I woke up 5 days later.

Here I am 26 years later telling the story of my experience after a car hit my body 100 kmh and threw me up in the air for a flight of 50 meter hitting badly the bushes below. Back to earth. What was not broken on the first impact broke in the landing.

And here I stand strong and tall with a knowing that yes, my body almost stopped functioning and I was almost ready to leave this shore,
but my soul never stopped breathing,
seeing the light and the calm joy of being Home.

Since then my longing is just a fire that burns away all veils
and carries me gently to that place of peace I once tested
and I know to be within me.

National Park Stelvio

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