Finally the time arrived to wear my red snowshoes and walk on the mountains of my valley.

Up and up I go and it doesn't matter how much I have to walk down, always much more difficult for my injured knees. And when I am utterly alone my heart rejoices immensely. I had few days totally in solitude and few with my mother.

Let me tell you:

There is nothing like walking on snow
surrounded by the immense silence
your thoughts can stand still for a brief moment
nothing disturbs the tranquility of mind
especially if your conscience is at ease.
The color white calls forth purification.
I keep a prayer in the small place inside my heart
to hear His voice.
I do feel a little closer to Heaven.
And true happiness permeates every cells of my being.

My sweet mother walking on a snow covered lake (Lago di Tret, 1160 m.).
She walked 160 kn last August on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela (St James of C.) without wavering a bit.
She is like a child being able to come with me and enjoy nature in winter. She never saw the lake in winter. I keep telling her to keep silent and listen.
I guess it is hard to have a daughter who is like a zen monk, but by now she is used to my unorthodox lifestyle and silence.
In one week in the mountain I didn't wanted to see anybody, I left for the last day the hellos and goodbye to my friends.

Sitting on the little tiny island in the middle of the lake.
Below is how the lake and the island looked last Autumn.

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