Dedicated to those who have thrown stones at me

A grass blade doesn't ask the sun "please keep me warm",
so the heart of man should bend in humility to the great Presence from above
Much too often the mind wants to retaliate on past offense.

Who is there to listen
to this agony of the intellect
when the heart can fill you with so much tenderness
and like during a gentle sleep
rejuvenates your soul?

Nothing is worth the bitter feeling of revenge.
Let it pierce when it pierce
and let it burn
when the hurt burns you like a log in a fire.
It will dissipate
if only you have the patience and compassion to wait.

Everything is just a flickering moment
the dance and the dancer can only truly meet
suspended by time
in the blessed moment of Now

All will pass
and what truly remains
is the space you have found between your heartbeat
and the stillness of your mind between your breaths
Simply let it flow
like water carves the stones and find its way to the ocean
so the heart of man need to travel light
with no burden or bitterness
its natural purity.

Milena, February 2010

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